Functions of the “remote antenna”:

The transmitter includes the complete transmission and reception technology. For fixing two 1/4 “photo threads are provided.

All parameters necessary for wireless communication are stored in this unit. This means that interchanging different transmitters means re-teaching the associated lights.

Power is supplied together with the data via a normal RJ45 network cable with a 1: 1 connection.

This RJ45 line can be extended up to 300m, but it should be noted that this is not a network interface, so active network components must be excluded.

A proper power supply is indicated by the green LED on the RJ45 connector.

An additional transmitter can be used as a repeater, in this mode the “repeater” LED lights up additionally.

The channel / group selector:

  • By adjusting the channel selector, one of 16 channels can be selected.
  • These channels are in the 2.4 GHz range, which was also released for the operation of WLAN devices. The wireless transmission is expressly not a WLAN transmission, so a wireless LAN repeater cannot be used to increase the range.
  • If the radio technology of the luminaire becomes too sluggish due to an on-site WLAN, or if a “bucking” becomes visible when dimming, the radio channel should be changed.
  • If several transmitters are operated in close proximity at the same time, they can use the same channel, the assignment of the lights then takes place via a group assignment.
  • Alternatively, multiple systems can be used on different frequencies, a group assignment is of course not necessary.
  • The channel selector switch is always read when the transmitter starts, so it must always be set to the same channel as the corresponding lamps.

Creating of a group:

  • To form a group, the transmitter is assigned a group number of “2-F”. Multiple transmitters that are co-located must be assigned a unique group if they work on the same channel. The group selection “0” and “1” is not possible.
  • The group assignment is made by setting the channel selector switch with the transmitter switched on and pressing the button next to it. Then a group is assigned to the transmitter. The luminaires must be newly taught after a group change, so that they take over the new group. The group number is displayed on the version page in the controller menu.
  • It is urgent to reset the channel selector switch to the previously set channel after pressing the button, as the position of the selector will be responsible for channel selection the next time the transmitter is started.

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