Adjustments on the lamp:

Power is supplied via a built-in three-pin mini-XLR connector. The ground potential is at pin-1, the supply voltage from 12-24 volts at pin-2

A reverse polarity protection is not available, a reverse polarity leads to a defect of the dimmer unit in the luminaire

Proper voltage supply is signaled via the upper green LED on the back of the luminaire

On the back of the lamp there are two holes that allow access to two trim pots. These serve to balance the internal transducers and should not be adjusted.

The channel / group selector:

  • By adjusting the channel selector, one of 16 channels can be selected.
  • The channel selector switch is always read at the start of the lamp, so it must always be set to the same channel as the associated transmitter.
  • Further detail can be found in the “Transmitter” section of this manual.

Remote / manual mode:

  • The button toggles the light between the preset remote mode and the manual mode.
  • The manual mode is signaled by the second LED.
  • In manual mode, the light can be operated via the two potentiometers on the back of the luminaire, wireless access is then not possible. The selected mode is displayed on the controller display.


  • To connect to a luminaire, the luminaire must be in “learn” mode. For this purpose, the button is held while the lamp is turned on.
  • The second LED starts to flash. After linking, the LED turns off.
  • The “learn” mode can be canceled by switching off the light.

Below and above the lamp there is a 1/4 “photo thread, which is intended to attach the lamp.

Wireless camera headlight with variable color-temperature