DMX – startadress:

From the DMX signal the data of 8 channels, starting at the start address, are used.

To change the DMX start address, the DMX page is called up via the “right / left” buttons.

By holding the shift-key the address can be changed with the “up / down” keys. Holding the “up / down” key for a longer time causes the addresses to scroll faster.

After setting the start address, the DMX page must be exited. Only then will the new address be adopted and stored permanently.

The maximum settable start address is 505, so then the light 4 is at the addresses 511 and 512.

If an address above 506 is required for a luminaire, the start address must be set to 505 and the luminaire must be “taught in” to units 2, 3 or 4.

The display “DMX OK” or “no DMX” is self-explanatory.

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