Camera head lamp with integrated wireless signal receiver

  • up to 1180 Lumen
  • BiColor 3,200 – 5,400 Kelvin
  • Wide lighting angle
  • The insertable diffusion gel permits achieving a very even lighting
  • Weighing only 350 gram
  • Every lamp uses the data from two DMX channels to adjust each of the two color temperatures independently from 0-100%
  • Internally, the lamp is working with ca. 4000 brightness levels – as a result, it permits changes in the brightness while in „ON“ mode, without any noticable jumps in brightness during the adjustment
  • The light designer has complete control over both brightness and color temperature
  • A controller can be connected with up to 4 different lamps, which can then be controlled independently of each other through a total of 8 DMX channels

Please contact:axel@bluemer.de

Wireless camera headlight with variable color-temperature